Growing Deeper

Originally published Friday, 04 July 2014.

Summer is a time when the natural world develops deeper roots. Whether it’s a tree in an twenty year old orchard reaching for water or a new shoot that is maturing after the Spring planting, Summer offers a season of fruitfulness and deeper growth. 

Spiritually, we all go through seasons similar to the physical ones witnessed around us. Summer has often been a season I’ve set aside to practice/develop a habit. I’m not great at memorizing Scripture, but most Summers I choose a few to really work at committing to memory. It might be the perfect time to begin the habit of fasting or of daily soaking in the Word. 

This Summer, we are joyfully expecting the arrival of our firstborn. Pregnancy alluded us for years and then came to us as a delightful and entirely unexpected surprise. As I write this, we are waiting for his arrival any day now, but in the meantime (between bouts of nesting and exhaustion) I have this sense that I need to soak up as much of the Lord’s presence now as possible, before the sleep deprivation sets in and concentration becomes difficult. (Who am I kidding? Pregnancy brain makes concentration difficult enough already!) I know I will be so overcome with the joy of our little’s arrival and the work it requires that my devotional habits will, of necessity, change. My spiritual roots will grow this Summer in ways I can’t even quite imagine. If it weren’t for my firm conviction in God’s faithfulness, I might worry about losing touch with Him, but since He has brought this blessing into our lives, I am looking forward to how it will draw us closer to His heart and character. I know I won’t have the same luxury of time to quiet my mind in the Lord’s presence. I’ll have to be more quick and efficient at finding stillness before Him. So for now, like a camel, I’m soaking up His word and His nearness. 

As we consider our theme for this week's Summer refreshment focus, how might the Lord be calling you develop deeper roots in Him? There’s been seasons in my life when thankless tasks helped me grow deeper roots. Or times when a lack of friendship pressed me deeper into the Lord’s presence. If we let it, even greater responsibilities and busier schedules can develop deeper roots in us. Martin Luther said, “I have so much to do today, I shall spend the first three hours in prayer.” Wherever and however the Lord is beckoning you to deeper maturity, I pray His grace over your journey and sweet fruitfulness along the way! 

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