A Dash of Christmas Poetry

Originally published Friday, 16 December 2016.

I have a friend who is witty, clever, and an abundantly gifted wordsmith. This year she published a collection of poetry that is a beautiful peek into her honest journey with the Lord. At moments it's encouraging, others challenging, but each page is filled with delight. She has allowed me to share some of her poems, so without further ado, I present my friend and sister, Karen Pierce, A Rhymer Redeemed!

The Christmas List

Have you made out your Christmas list yet?
Not of what to buy, but what you're hoping to get
I find most of the things that I'm sorely lacking
Wouldn't fit in the largest of Christmas stockings

I need the strength of the small sturdy beast
Who carried his burden many miles to the East
I could use some of the kindness of the innkeeper that night
To find solutions to problems, when there were none in sight

The persistence and faith of the traveling wise men
Who followed a star, to who knew, where or when
And since few journeys begin with an ideal start
I want some of the courage from Mary's heart

I need a little humbleness from keepers of sheep
To believe every promise He will keep
And I certainly could benefit from some of the joy
Of angels who sang the news of the newborn boy

If we could all find these gifts beneath our tree
What a wonderful place the world would be!

Sometimes Karen writes poems after my husband's sermons and they always bless our church family. This is one of those poems I just had to share with you:

The Shadows of Christmas

The shadows of Christmas
Swirl all around the holiday
But if we look behind the shadows
To find the real meaning of Christmas Day

The Christmas trees we carry home
Plain and bound up tightly with twine
Stand transformed on Christmas morning 
Free and full of light that sines

This should cause us to remember
That we too were once bound and tied
Then our Savior appeared among us
And invited us to live, as He took our sin and willingly died

The piles of gifts beneath the tree
Are wrapped in paper and pretty string
But until we unwrap and accept the gift
The box may well be empty, the salvation He offers is everything

The feasting and making merry
The love that fills our hearts
Are the overflow of gratitude
For the eternal kingdom, of which we've been made part

So while we treasure the shadows
The tradition and the rest
Let's not forget why the Baby came
And that the gift He offers, Salvation, is the very best

You can find Karen's collection of poetry, A Rhymer Redeemed, here.