she brought him

Originally published Monday, 19 October 2015.

When the child grew older, she brought him to Pharaoh's daughter... Exodus 2:10

And the mom-heart in me constricts with the words “she brought him.”

I can’t imagine what that walk to the palace must have felt like. Maybe Moses was strapped to her back or walking beside her, his little hand in hers. Maybe she lingered, or took the long way there, or tried to memorize his face before releasing his hand. This would be an offering brought from her own flesh to lay before the princess.

Did she know a greater purpose was at stake? Did she realize her surrender would mean fulfillment of a great calling on her son’s life, one that could only be accomplished through her submission?

Of course, she couldn’t know that. And, friends, neither can we.

Sometimes the very thing we hold close becomes an offering, cut from deep in our heart and brought before our Savior. But yes, there is purpose in our offerings, and there is no meaningless sacrifice in God's plan. Letting go always invites a divine work - one that transforms peasant boys into God-ordained leaders and tears into joy and senseless into understanding.

Someday God's greater purpose will be far, far more real than our emptied arms.

Keep trusting God for that.



Lord, what would you have us bring to you today? If there is something you’ve called us to lay down for the sake of your glory and purpose, Lord please show us. Help us to submit to you all that you have placed in our hands and in our arms. May your authority be that real in our lives, and may your presence fill the emptied places. In Jesus' name. Amen.

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