Honest Hope: An Interview with Lee Ann Zanon

Originally published Thursday, 03 June 2021.

Hello Readers,

We have a treat for you! Enjoy this interview with Lee Ann Zanon author of the newly released devotional Honest Hope. When I sat with this book, I felt as though I was sitting down to coffee with a dear friend. In a year that has been filled with feelings of isolation, this was a welcome feeling, indeed! Zanon invites you into her own experiences, offers scripture that encourages the heart, and reminds the reader that hope is worth the risk. Covering topics like grief, chronic pain, relational hurt, and rising from despair, there is something for every woman in this book. I had the privilege of discussing the book with Zanon, and she is sharing some of her insight with us. Enjoy this brief behind-the-scenes glimpse at Honest Hope.


Writing a book is a daunting task. What challenges did you face as you wrote this book?

Daunting is right! There were a variety of challenges along the way. I’d say that these three were most difficult:

*Persevering in the process. Many days I lacked motivation and needed to make a definite choice to sit at the computer and work. I prayed for a spirit of discipline and God prompted me to create a timeline of goals, providing the structure I needed to stay on track.

*Having courage to be honest. More than once I asked the Lord, “Do You really want me to be this vulnerable?” He consistently replied, “Yes.” Much of my background is as a journalist and editor, reporting facts and sharing other people’s stories. Learning to have a personal, conversational voice as a writer stretched me in many ways.

*Trusting God with the timing. Writing and publication delays happened more than once. I had to let go of my pre-determined plans and rest in the Lord’s orchestration of every detail. Most notably, my precious mom died unexpectedly around the time I’d expected to finalize the book. Grief left me reeling, making it impossible to focus. In time, I gradually returned to the project… with an even deeper sense of purpose.

What did your interaction with God look like during your writing process?

My interaction with God was intense and constant! I continually released every aspect of the process to Him, knowing He alone was able to complete it. Temptations to doubt and fear came frequently, along with anxiety. The Holy Spirit reminded me to take up the full armor of God and press on. I kept returning to the truth of writing as obedience, fully trusting the Lord with the outcome. I experienced His faithful help and provision each step of the way. To Him be all glory!

What is your prayer for readers of this book?

I pray Honest Hope brings fresh strength and inspiration, sourced in Scripture. And, I pray my stories of God’s grace will remind readers they are not alone in their heartaches and struggles. I hope the journal aspect will invite them to pour out their hearts to the Lord, opening space to be filled anew with His love and encouragement.

Find the book here.


Lee Ann Zanon is passionate about spreading the truth of Scripture. A Bible teacher, writer, editor, speaker, and worship leader, she has shared God’s Word in many settings, including ten years as a ministry professor at Corban University. She also loved connecting with women one-on-one and has completed training through the Association of Biblical Counselors.