2 Lessons from the Magi (Plus a Free Printable)

Originally published Tuesday, 18 December 2018.

I’ve already almost completed my Christmas shopping. I’m not normally so prompt in my shopping, but I’m not really a last-minute gift-giving gal either. I love choosing the gifts thoughtfully for my family and friends. It’s a reflection of my love for them.

The Magi’s ( also known as the wise men) gifts for Jesus were carefully chosen as well. In fact, they were a fulfillment of prophecy. Isaiah 60:6 says, “They shall bring gold and frankincense, and shall bring good news, the praises of the Lord.” The time between this particular verse and the actual event was around 700 years later. Talk about living in anticipation.

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We have two profound lessons to learn from the Magi that will help us every day:

1. Come as you are.

 The Magi were Gentiles, and Jesus was the Jewish Messiah. This to be profound because it means come. Come as you are to Jesus. We are no longer held by Old Testament rules. Jesus came to Earth so that we no longer had to have someone enter into the highest temple for our behalf to worship God. We can come to Him, without reservation.

2. We offer our gifts as worship.

Gold, incense, and myrrh were of significant value. Gold was the metal of kings. Giving Jesus this precious metal was stating HE was the long-awaited King. Frankincense was used in temple worship, and giving Jesus this gift meant the Magi saw Jesus as the High Priest (who ultimately connects us to the Father, God). Finally, myrrh was the gift I find to be most intriguing. It was used for embalming bodies. The Magi foreknew this small child would one day embark on death, the greatest death of all. Their precious, symbolic gifts were humbly given to Jesus, the King, the fulfillment of prophecy. 

As we give our presents to others this Christmas, may we be thoughtful. We may not be taking our gifts to the feet of the Savior but we do love others as a way to show our love for Him. May we offer our trinkets of love, but also the gifts within us. as worship to our Holy King.

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Jesus came to Earth, born of a Virgin, lived fully as man for thirty-three years, died on the Cross, was buried in the grave three days, and rose again. He is the greatest gift of all. Won’t you receive Him this Christmas season?

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