How to Get Your Life Back from Your Hectic Schedule

How to Get Your Life Back from Your Hectic Schedule

If you’re anything like me, you might feel inundated with what C. S. Lewis called “the tyranny of the urgent” — the power that busyness holds over you. In the West, we live in cultures that glorifies busyness. When someone asks how we are, “busy” is an appropriate answer and usually met with a commiserating, “Me, too.” We’re supposed to be living a good life if we’re busy. We’re busy with work, running our children to their activities, and then we add in church activities and it suddenly feels like your schedule is running you, not you running your schedule. All of sudden we don’t have time for the things that bring us joy — let alone allowing for free space in which to dream, plan, and be open to opportunities God sets in our paths on a daily basis.

A hectic schedule isn’t just about too much on the calendar. When we feel too busy and ruled by our schedule, we’re often using our time as a cover-up for what’s in our hearts. It’s easier to stay busy sometimes than dealing with our underlying fears, failures, emotions, and worries. No calendar overhaul will change our hearts. But we often find that as we make concrete changes our hearts, too, change.

So how do we get our lives back from a hectic schedule? How do we break free from busyness to live lives that are peaceful, reflective of our goals and our faith, and work towards the health of our families, our neighbors, and the world around us?

Here are a few ways to start:

1. Stop and Pray

We have to first stop and take account of our schedules. Get your calendar out and sit down with those in your family who make the decisions and discuss what you’re already committed to. What brings you life and joy? What furthers your purpose as an individual or a family? What are you doing just because you think it’s expected of you?

Pray over your calendar. Our time is a precious commodity we can use to love God and love others. When we’re so busy, we don’t have the space in our lives to love others well. Pray for guidance that God would allow your commitments to reflect what He loves and what He’s doing in the world. 

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