9 Tips from Psalm 23 to Be Content Where You Are

9 Tips from Psalm 23 to Be Content Where You Are

I have a good job. Two beautiful children. A deliciously wonderful husband. We love God. Go to a fantastic church. Live in a nice house. In a nice street. In a good neighbourhood. My children attend a fine school. We make memories each year on vacation. I am healthy. My family is healthy. None of us has emotional scars or mental illness. We are happy and flourishing.

Yet I want more.

It calls out to me. You know, more. The bigger house, nicer car, luxurious vacation. They call to me with pressure and guilt. Make my life seem hopeless and inferior.

Content. Why am I not content?

We blame media, commercialism, and consumerism, but there is a deeper problem. Sin. Covetousness. The tenth commandment. The deception of Eve. Fooled to think God is holding something back. When the opposite is truth. God has more. I receive it through contentment.

Trust in God is a life of paradox. Hungry for more of him, yet filled with the Spirit. Pursuing destiny from the vantage point of rest. Satisfied whether in abound, or abased (Philippians 4:12).

Contentment is a choice. Psalm 23 provides a few tips on the attitude of a satisfied soul.

The Lord, my Shepherd

The Lord is my shepherd... (Psalm 23:1).

Sheep are prone to wander aimless, following every impulse, unless they have a shepherd. There are many distractions in this world, vying for attention, steering toward a whim in an instant. Keep your eyes on the Shepherd. Don't get caught up in fads or what others do. Follow His lead and you will be content.

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