7 Reasons You Can Trust God's Perfect Timing

7 Reasons You Can Trust God's Perfect Timing

“We made a huge decision,” our friends reported as we shared prayer requests. In a great step of faith, they’d decided to sell their dream home so the wife could stay home with their young children.

July 1 was the drop-dead date for a contract so she could withdraw from her teaching contract. But weeks ticked by and the house sat. As the months dragged on, they began to worry. They were praying, so why hadn’t the house sold? Their plans seemed on hold or worse, thwarted.

At what felt like the last possible opportunity, a buyer came, the house sold, they found a wonderful new house and – as only God can do – the wife was able to help another family desperate for a tutor.

We may know God’s timing is perfect, but we don’t always know the full implications of His perfection. Knowing how God works through time can help us rest rather than fret. Here are 7 reasons we can trust God’s timing.

Photo by Eder Pozo Pérez on Unsplash

1. God created time and rules over it.

Genesis 1 tells us that “In the beginning, God created…” and one of the first things He created is time. God is uncreated and exists outside of the time limits of our world. (Psalm 90:1-2) And like all things He created, God rules over time.

We see this clearly in Joshua 10, when Israel fought the Amorites and Joshua asked God to make the sun stand still until Israel had not just won, but defeated the entire enemy. “The sun stopped in the middle of the sky and delayed going down about a full day. There has never been a day like it before or since, a day when the Lord listened to a human being.” (Jos 10:13-14)

Image Credit: Unsplash.com