21 Inspiring Quotes about God's Love Every Woman Needs

21 Inspiring Quotes about God's Love Every Woman Needs

Are you wondering if God really loves you? Looking for inspiring Christian quotes about God’s love?

As a teenager, I used to have a notebook, and every time I ran across an inspiring Christian quote, I would write it down to revisit later. Though I don’t do that as much now, I still find it inspiring sometimes in my daily devotions to allow other Christian writer’s thoughts about God’s love to challenge me to think more deeply myself. We can get stuck thinking the same thoughts about God, and then out of nowhere, someone’s words slap us in the face and remind us that God’s love isn’t all warm-and-fuzzy feelings–it’s so much deeper and richer than that.

I’ve curated some of my favorite quotes about God’s love, ones that have challenged me and helped me delve even deeper into what God’s love for us looks like. I hope they give you a richer vocabulary to respond to God in prayer and help you better understand the magnitude of God’s love for you today.


1. God’s Unchanging Love

Though our feelings come and go, God’s love for us does not. - C.S. Lewis