11 Simple Ways to Encourage Your Spouse Today

11 Simple Ways to Encourage Your Spouse Today

Have you ever noticed your spouse struggle with something and you couldn’t find the words to encourage them no matter how you tried? Sometimes the close connections we have in our marriages prevent us from being intentional about how we hold each other up. We take our spouses needs and desires for granted. Sometimes we think we won’t be taken seriously when we try to encourage them, or they’ll never take our advice until someone else tells them the same thing.

These should not stop us from fulfilling our responsibilities to each other; to uplift, encourage and inspire one another.

Ecclesiastes 4:9 says “Two people are better than one, for they can help each other succeed.” New Living Translation

This is such a beautiful picture of our roles as husbands and wives—helping each other succeed.

Here are 11 simple ways you can begin to do that for your spouse today.

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1. Pay Attention to Their Dreams and Aspirations

Do you know your spouse’s deepest desires? Besides wanting the best for your family and loving you above all else, do you know what other things are tugging at their heartstrings? You stand a better chance of helping them succeed when you know what they’re aiming for. Why not find out today?

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