10 Ways to Restore Love in Your Marriage

10 Ways to Restore Love in Your Marriage

Most wedding vows include a promise to love each other for better or worse. Still, when times get tough, many couples are unprepared to navigate through the difficulties.

Unlike popular opinion that encourages unhappy spouses who feel they are no longer in love with their partner to split-up, research findings report that staying married is the best thing a husband and wife can do.

Researches found that even though most marriages do have unhappy moments, those couples willing to work through their difficulties came through the challenges to find wedded bliss again. 

If your love has grown cold for your spouse, God’s word offers counsel and direction on how to restore love in your marriage. 

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1. Evaluate Your Love Sources

The culture’s view of love and the biblical definition of love greatly differ. If you feel your love has grown cold, it’s good to evaluate the sources influencing your feelings.

Look at what films, TV shows, music, publications, news sources, groups, and friends you’re spending time with on a regular basis. 1 Corinthians 15:33 advises that bad company corrupts good character.

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Commit to seeking biblically based relationship influencers.