10 Verses of Encouragement from the Old Testament

10 Verses of Encouragement from the Old Testament
Whatever you're going through, God's Word can offer you tremendous hope and courage. Here are 10 Old Testament verses to inspire and equip you to get through your day.

When You Desperately Need God's Promises

Everything was going just fine. I had no clue. No warning or hint it would happen.

My muscles tensed as I read the letter. “We’re very sorry,” my employer had written, “unfortunately the company made the decision to change the organizational structure.. Your position is not a part of this new path for the company.”

A new structure? That’s all it took. One decision  for them. But for us, my husband and my family meant hardship, struggles and stress.

Not only was I losing my income, but we’d be losing health insurance coverage as well. His new business didn’t render the income needed, much less the high health insurance premiums.

That night, I sat in silence. Why Lord? That was the perfect job. I enjoyed it so. I was sure that the awards I received were the confirmation that you had me where  I  needed to be.

Tears flowed. I chastised myself for allowing my job loss to steal my joy. But the uncertainty of tomorrow still gnawed at me.