10 Verses and Prayers for When You’re Waiting for Marriage

10 Verses and Prayers for When You’re Waiting for Marriage

She wore an elegant off-white dress and the pearls graced her smile. I gave her a huge hug as she stood beside her prince at the receiving line in the wedding reception. “God did answer after all, didn’t he?” I whispered in her ear.


She giggled. “Did He ever!”


It seems like only a few months ago that she and I had chatted on the way to the mall. “I’m tired of kissing frogs,” she had said. “God must not have marriage in His plans for me. But the loneliness is killing me.”


And before it did, she changed her method of searching. With one click, she unsubscribed from the on-line dating service. And instead she stepped into the waiting room of her heart. And it was there where she had private, prayerful dialogues with God.


If you’re longing for a husband and tired of the wait, I hope these verses and prayers are an encouragement your soul desperately needs.

1. “Let your cry come to me, and I will give you an answer, and let you see great things and secret things of which you had no knowledge.” Jeremiah 33:3

Lord, I want a life partner, but don’t know how to find one. I don’t know where to begin looking. Please help me have peace in this process and hope in the wait.