10 Verses to Restore Your Hope on the Hard Days

10 Verses to Restore Your Hope on the Hard Days

Though feelings are fickle, they’re anything but fiction. And sometimes our feelings can flat out get the best of us. You’re nodding your head, aren’t you?

There’s no getting around the fact that feelings are just part of being human. Inescapable. But, feelings we experience on those very hard days can add up. Add up and take over!

Entertaining these hard-day kinds of emotions can often lead to detrimental consequences. Living with feelings like anger, fear, worry, and overwhelm, day in and day out, can really start to alter the way we think. They can make us act in a way we wouldn’t normally act, or do what we wouldn’t normally do.

When we give into these types of adverse feelings, allowing them to control us, we effectively give them permission to bore through into our very core. We permit them to take root and grow, altering our personality—changing who we are.

So how do we keep our heads above the waterline of this oozing, toxic sludge the world would have us drown in?

We remind ourselves of what is true.

We balance all of these overwhelming emotions with the Truth we extract from His Word.

We lay out all our broken-up, beaten-down, ticked-off, done-in feelings right next to His Truth. What we feel as truth is usually more fiction than fact, so if we’re to have victory over our feelings, we must balance those (and diffuse their authority) with God’s Word.

When we do, we not only get a glimpse of reality, we become centered and rooted in His Word. When we’re centered and deeply rooted in Him, harmful feelings are less likely to toss us about or turn us into something less than what He has planned for us to become.

May these 10 Scriptures be the start of striking a much-needed balance, no longer allowing your hard-day feelings to get the best of you:

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1. Psalm 147:3

He heals the brokenhearted
And binds up their wounds.

Father, though I feel beaten down and weary, the truth is you’re right there in the mess with me, and you will bind up my wounds and heal my heart. Help me remember your closeness and your goodness as I go through my day. 

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