10 Reasons Your Church Isn’t Growing

10 Reasons Your Church Isn’t Growing

As a pastor’s wife for over seventeen years, I have worshipped with larger churches and smaller churches, those who wear three-piece suits and those that wear overalls after tending their fields as farmers. Although I don’t have a magic formula when it comes to church growth, I have come to one sobering realization: growth doesn‘t always have to do with numbers.

Christians often judge their worth and value on how many congregants fill up the pews each week, but God judges hearts. A full church service doesn’t always mean transformation is taking place.

This article addresses both numerical growth and transformative growth. They are listed below: 

1. Your vision is too small.

Leaders are responsible for casting and communicating the church’s vision to keep them on track. That’s not just what is going to happen in one year but in five or ten years as well. But sometimes fighting fires become the church’s reality and the church’s long-term vision is never clearly communicated. Members can get frustrated with not knowing the purpose behind programs or sermons. This can cause members to jump ship and find solace in calmer waters.

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