10 Bad Habits Christian Women Need to Break

10 Bad Habits Christian Women Need to Break

We all have them. Bad habits we really need to break.

Most of the time we see them – and even point them out – in others. But truth be told we struggle with them just as much as the woman sitting next to us in church.

I recently posted on my Facebook timeline the question, “What do you think are the top 10 bad habits Christian women need to break?” It made for an interesting week, a little bit of defensiveness, some finger-pointing, and a lot of personal conviction. And while I collected what you believe are about 40 bad habits Christian women need to break, I narrowed the list to the 10 most popular answers. And I couldn’t agree with them more.

Nonbelievers might even recognize these bad habits in us more than we do. So, instead of hiding behind our bumper stickers that we are, “Not of this World” or, “Not Perfect, Just Forgiven”, let’s get real about some of the bad habits we, as Christian women, need to break.

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1. Judging Others Whose Convictions Differ from Our Own

Admit it. It’s pretty easy to look down on the Christian woman who sends her children to public school while you make the sacrifice to homeschool yours. Or, to think that homeschooling mom is enabling her children to be spiritually weak by not exposing them – as you are – to the faith-stretching experience of public schools. And what about that couple from church who actually paid to see that R-rated movie? And don’t get us started on that new youth pastor and his tattoos! 

Judging other Christians for their differing convictions is legalism, not love for others, which Jesus said is the second greatest commandment (Matthew 22:37-39).


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