What Is the Meaning and Purpose of the Romans Road to Salvation?

Rhonda Stoppe

Speaker and Author
Published Dec 04, 2023

A helpful resource that many Christians use to share their faith is called, The Romans Road to Salvation. This four-point path can help you explain why a person needs a Savior, but if you’re not careful it can easily be construed as a religious ritual focusing more on what a person can get from God, in exchange for the simple repetition of a prayer. I’m not ready to throw out the Romans Road as a stepping off point when sharing the gospel, but I think it would be helpful to evaluate ways to incorporate other Scriptures along with these verses from Romans to present the whole counsel of God in regards to salvation.

In this video, Rhonda breaks down the Bible verses and meaning of the four points of Romans Road. Read the full article here!

Photo Credit: ©Unsplash/Katie Moum

Author Rhonda Stoppe

Rhonda Stoppe is a best-selling Christian author of seven books. With 40 years of experience in helping women build no regrets lives, Rhonda has become a highly sought after voice in the Christian living community. She has written hundreds of articles for Crosswalk.com and other popular magazines. Rhonda has appeared on The 700 Club, 100 Huntley Street, Family Life Today, Dobson’s Family Talk, and her interviews at Focus on the Family have been named in their Best Of Episodes 2021 & 2023. “I could have listened to Rhonda talk all night,” is what listeners say. Her speaking platform includes: Homeschool conferences, (MOPs) MomCo, MomCon, Legacy Grandparenting Summit and more. She is the host of the award-winning podcast, Old Ladies Know Stuff. Rhonda has over 40 years experience as a pastor’s wife, speaker, mom coach, marriage mentor, mother of four–and did we mention she’s a grandmother of 15! Find out more about Rhonda at NoRegretsWoman.com.

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