A Prayer for the Words We Speak | Your Daily Prayer

Ashley Moore

Contributing Writer
Updated Feb 12, 2024

The words," sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me, " couldn't be further from the truth. From being taunted as a child to office gossip, we've all experienced the bruising effects of words on our lives. I’m willing to bet if I were across the table from you right now and asked you to recall memories, you could easily recall a time when someone said something hurtful to you. Because the truth is, whether we acknowledge it or not, our words carry so much weight. Our words can be used to build up or tear down. They can motivate or discourage. They can be a source of an inflicted wound or healing balm for another’s soul.  

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Ashley MooreAshley Moore is a writer and host of be the two™podcast. She is known for her relatability and for passionately writing and speaking about mental, emotional, and relational health from a biblical worldview. She has written for Kingdom Edge MagazineGuidepostsCrosswalkThe Secret PlaceenLIVEnThe Bubbling Brook and more. If Ashley isn't writing, you can find her with her husband, three children, and two floppy-eared Goldens on their south Georgia farmland. The best way to connect with Ashley is to grab a free devotional or Bible study and join her newsletter at free.ashleynicolemoore.com.

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