A Prayer for Each New Morning

Tiffany Thibault

Contributing Writer
Updated Jan 24, 2024

There are some mornings, such as today, when I wake while it is still dark outside. I grab a cup of coffee and sit in a chair before an eastern-facing window. Far up in the vast black sky, I can see the planet Venus and several other surrounding constellations. I am in awe once again of how the intricacies of creation. I marvel at the placement of each planet and star in the galaxy. I am humbled when I remember what it says in Psalm 147:4 about the stars: He determines the number of the stars and calls them each by name. 

Thumbnail courtesy of Canva.com & Stock footage courtesy of soundstripe.com 

Tiffany Thibault is the author of the Bible study “Being Fruitful;” she loves leading Bible Study and speaking to women, encouraging them through truths from the Bible. She lives in the Mojave desert with her family and loves to explore the wilderness areas around her city.

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