Powerful Prayers for Protection

Powerful Prayers for Protection
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Powerful Prayers for Protection - Be Protected From Evil With the Grace of God

May these prayers for protection strengthen your faith and bring you peace and safety with the grace of God. Find the timestamps of each prayer below:👇👇

"Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find," Matthew 7:7. Seek protection against evil and you will find it in God!

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Prayers for Protection Timestamps:

0:14 - Daily Prayer for Protection

0:55 - Prayer for Good Health and Protection from Harm 

2:24 - Prayer for Protection Against Evil

4:02 - Prayer for the Protection and Safety of Family

4:53 - Prayer for Personal Protection

7:20 - Prayer for Protection from Earthly Enemies

9:18 - Prayer for Children's Security

10:09 - Prayer for Your Husband’s Protection

11:35 - St. Patrick's Breastplate Protective Prayer

12:36 - Priestly Blessings Prayer from Scripture

13:40 - Scriptures for Protection and Safety from the Bible

14:37 - 5 Psalms that Remind You God is Near

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