“Never Walk Alone” Hope Darst Official Lyric Video

Published Jul 14, 2023

Rest assured in His loving presence as you listen and watch this official lyric video of “Never Walk Alone” by Hope Darst.

Fittingly, the video focuses significantly on the artist’s feet, a visual reminder that He is with us in every step we take. Hope walks barefoot along mown pathways, narrow and wide, carved within tall fields of golden grasses. 

She sometimes dangles her hand, allowing her fingers to touch the various textures of the waist-high stalks. At other times, she holds a patchwork quilt around her shoulders. Her white fingernails and dress provide the perfect compliment to her dark hair and the flaxen field. 

And every perfect image seems to provide a metaphor to accompany the words of her song—each listener is able to decide exactly what that is when examined next to their own experiences.  

The video is beautiful, but the images work in tandem to Hope’s message. 

Here are a few lines from “Never Walk Alone”:       

I'm a witness to Your faithfulness
In every storm, in every step
Looking back never once did You let me go

For believers, the message is universal, constant, and undeniable. Check out some of the comments. Many identify with the song, having experienced the company of Jesus in their trials and sorrows. One relays an experience of physical healing after a debilitating accident.  

One person shares a salvation experience, having turned from the Muslim faith to Christianity after Jesus appeared to him. Many others simply thank Hope for her words that don’t merely offer hope, but rather take-it-to-the-bank assurances. 

“Never Walk Alone” is a reminder to believers, but perhaps more importantly, it is a declaration and the most helpful hack around for those that do not know Him!

Ms. Darst is a 42-year-old Nashville-based wife and mom to two daughters. She is also a Christian singer, songwriter, and worship leader.  Hope’s 2020 debut album includes two singles that earned her three GMA Dove Award nominations: “Promise Keeper” and “Peace Be Still.”  

Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have, because God has said, “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.”’ Hebrews 13:5.

This content was originally published on Godtube; used with permission.

Photo Credit: ©YouTube/Hope Darst

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