How to Bring Jesus Into Your Parenting

Dr. Amanda Craig

Author and Family Therapist
Published Oct 04, 2023

Do you want to learn how to bring Jesus into your parenting? In this interview, Sarah Hamaker talks with Dr. Amanda Craig, a licensed family therapist. She shares how to bring God into the everyday moments you share with your kids, how to make faith a part of conversations, and why we need to rely on Him in our parenting.

Enter Amanda Craig, A family therapist who has seen and experienced much of this in her practice and has legitimately written the book [Worthy Books – ISBN 978-1546003083 $23.99 Hardcover, $13.99 Kindle, and available on Audible] on it! Her advice is to stop trying to parent and seize the opportunity to connect with your child instead while they’re still listening and trusting you. When as parents, we worry about our children, we’re creating separation and disconnection with them instead of fostering the connection that’s already been built up to now. There is a neurological explosion that is taking place before us as tweens experience four significant changes that shake them (and us) to the core. As parents, we’ve already been through it, so there’s no visceral reference for what’s happening, only distant memories. For the tweens, this is all brand new and very visceral. Their brains are changing. They feel and experience emotions they do not recognize. They’re hyper-aware of themselves. They do not know how to express themselves. Parents still have a “seat at the table” to make positive impressions on their tweens as they prepare them for the teenage years. 

In this interview, Sarah Hamaker talks with Dr. Amanda Craig about her new book and how to bring Jesus into your parenting.

Find Amanda's book, Who Are You & What Have You Done with My Kid?: Connect with Your Tween While They Are Still Listening, here!

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In her twenty-plus years as a family therapist, Amanda Craig, PHD, LMFT has worked in a variety of settings including research departments, juvenile correction facilities, high schools, Fortune 500 companies, substance abuse programs, and/or university/college classrooms. A native of Richfield, Minnesota, Dr. Craig has administered therapy services to tweens, adolescents, adults, couples, and families. A seasoned public speaker and published author of research papers, her awards, and recognition include a Certificate of Appreciation from the New York State Division of Parole (2008), eleven years of service on the Juvenile Justice Advisory Committee of Minnesota (2007), Certificate of Recognition from the Office of the Governor of Juvenile Justice (2007) and the 2022 YWCA Darien/Norwalk Women of Distinction Award. She is also a wife, a mother of two, and a woman of faith. Her work is for you and your family! Get social with Dr. Craig on IG  |  FaceBook | and Linkedin 

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