How Should We Respond to Conspiracy Theories?

Jessica Miller Contributing Writer
Published: Jan 24, 2023

Uncertainty about what to believe seems to be increasing as many people, especially Christians, have lost trust in the news media. As a result, many Christians are gravitating toward alternative news sources, and some of these are rife with conspiracy theories.

Christians have an incredible opportunity right now to show a different way to our polarized society. We have the Holy Spirit to help us maintain our unity (Ephesians 4:3) in the midst of our differing opinions. Let’s unite together in spreading God’s truth, not rumors!

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SWN writerJessica Miller is the pastor’s wife and outreach director at Bean Blossom Community Church in Indiana, where she loves serving the Lord together with her husband, Jeff. Prior to marriage, her perspective on life was radically altered while living as a single woman in the Middle East. She is passionate about growing in her relationship with the Lord and pointing others to the truth. Her degrees are in biblical studies and counseling and she carries a special passion for cross-cultural ministries. She enjoys learning, traveling, and creating. She tweets and blogs from time to time.




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