How Can I Go from Being an Ordinary Woman to an Extraordinary One?

How Can I Go from Being an Ordinary Woman to an Extraordinary One?
Posted by 'Jamie Ivey'

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I do get the great opportunity to interview a lot of women who are doing a lot of amazing things and I think there is this tendency when someone's listening to think, "God, if only I could do that, or if I didn't have 18 kids in my house needing their diaper changed every single day."

But I think there's something really, really valuable in the fact of being exactly where God has you, and the women that I have on my show, if I came to them and say, "Hey, all these listeners think that you're something special," and they're just normal, they would laugh at me and they would say, "No, I'm just doing what God asked me to do."

I think wherever you are, whether that be a nursing mom or your homeschooling your kids, or you're running the PTA at your kid's school, or you're doing prison ministry, there's nothing glamorous about doing anything with a microphone, it's actually the glamorous is like what you just do where God sees you and where he has you right where you are. Because all those women that are on the other side of my conversations, they would not want to be anywhere other than where God had them and so I just want to encourage women wherever your season is, whatever it is, be who God has you to be, do what he's asked you to be, because it's not greener on the other side. It's not greener at all. Those women are just doing what God asked them to do.

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