Groom Finds Out that the Rose for Mom He Gave at Age 10 Isn’t Really a Rose at All

God Updates

God Updates
Updated Feb 27, 2024

At ten years old, a sweet and innocent Brent bought a rose for Mom. But years later, at his wedding, Brent’s mother reveals the hilarious truth about her son’s gift!

When Char’s son, Brent, came home with a rose for mom, he was so excited. The little boy proudly explained how he’d used all his money to make the purchase. And all to show his mom just how much he cared.

Char took one look at the rose and knew the gift wasn’t quite what her son thought it was. But as they say, it’s the thought that counts. So Char kept the secret truth about the rose hidden for years, waiting for the perfect time to reveal her son’s hilarious mistake (talk about patience!).

Flash forward many years, and that perfect day finally arrived. Brent’s wedding day!

Mom’s Surprise Reveal for Bride and Groom

On the beautiful day that Brent married the love of his life, Jess, his mom decided to spill the beans about her son’s gift all those years ago.

Char has the entire crowd in suspense, including the bride and groom, as she recalls the sweet day Brent presented his rose to Mom. And Char confesses she’s kept the rose’s true identity a secret for all these years. But today, she’s ready to let the truth out.

Char hands the rose to Brent’s lovely bride, Jess, and invites her to open it. Everyone is on the edge of their seats, wondering what could be hidden inside Brent’s rose for Mom.

Then, with a look of amused shock, Jess pulls a pair of racy, red underwear out from the center of the fake flower. And the room erupts in laughter as everyone registers what the item is!

Brides have been known to receive lingerie as gifts for their big day. But those items don’t usually come to them as a “regift” from their mother-in-law, who originally received the gift from their 10-year-old son!

Poor, sweet Brent had no idea at the time that his rose for mom held such an X-rated secret. He’d surely have been mortified by it at ten years old. So it was genius of his mom to wait until his wedding for the big reveal. It made for a hilarious and memorable moment the couple will undoubtedly cherish forever.

Moral of the story: A rose by any other name may smell just as sweet, but you’d better make sure it’s really a rose first!

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Photo Credit: Facebook/Tiffanys Bridal
Originally published on God Updates. Used with permission.

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