Father-Daughter Wedding Dance Turns into Epic Viral Routine

Updated Feb 26, 2024

Holy mostaccioli, check out this father-daughter wedding dance that turned into an epic viral routine! This dad and his girl set the bar super high when it comes to choreographed reception rug-cutting! 

Meet Sean Swanson and his beautiful blonde daughter, Allie Mancuso! As the video begins, the pair is positioned at the bottom of a double staircase and in front of four white columns that stand directly below where both sets of stairs meet in the air. 

There is fog rising from a smoke machine near the sound system nestled under the stairs. The setting is impressive! 

They have chosen a traditional song for their dance. It’s “Butterfly Kisses” by Bob Carlisle, and it’s perfect! They chat and smile. Allie pats her dad’s back, and he nods at what she says. There is a spin, two more, and a fourth as the two share a lovely, sweet dance. 

But… At 1:18, we hear a record scratch and the music shifts to something completely different, and the father and daughter look puzzled. Alas, they are teasing us, and it’s all part of the plan!

Dad ditches his suit coat, and on cue, the two are bouncing their heads like Chris Kattan at The Roxbury to “What is Love.” In rapid succession, Sean and Allie disco to “Shake Your Groove Thing,” make like MC Hammer to “U Can’t Touch This,” and tear it up with a mean Cotton-Eyed Joe! These two are on fire!

Next, we get ballroom dancing, the robot, and a Swanson-Mancuso rendering of how to “Jump On It.” Fortunately, Allie wears ballet flats, which make all the fancy moves easier. 

The fact that she’s under a few layers of lace and tulle or satin doesn’t slow her down a bit. Dad is equally energetic, and the two ooze personalities through their fun facial expressions! 

At 3:10, Allie mouths the next song/question to guests: “Y’all Ready for This”? They may not be from outer space, as the song might indicate, but their dancing is definitely out of this world! Before long, Dad is channeling Tom Jones

This talented, creative duo takes us through a half dozen other song clips and dance bits over the next 70 seconds before bidding bye-bye, bye, compliments of NSYNC! 

Dad turns away from Allie momentarily, and she gives him the sweetest, biggest hug from the back. It is adorable! High-fives and applause ensue! 

What a wonderful gift they gave to each other during the preparation of their special song, and what a great time they gave to their friends and family on that special night! Hats off to Allie and Sean! Well done!

“Then our sons in their youth will be like well-nurtured plants, and our daughters will be like pillars carved to adorn a palace.” Psalms 144:12

Photo Courtesy: Sean Swanson via YouTube
Originally published on GodTube. Used with permission. 

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