Family Playing in the Snow Hits Record As Grandma Hilariously Fails at Sledding Down Hill

God Updates

God Updates
Updated Feb 16, 2024

A family playing in the snow caught the hilarious moment this funny grandma fails at sledding down a hill. And the woman’s laughter is contagious!

This video from 2021 of great-grandparents John and Helen Martin is just as entertaining today as the day it was filmed. In the video, the grandma is laughing hysterically as her husband tries to push her down the hill on a little sled. The sled does not budge at all, which makes that lady start cracking up. This leads to her falling onto her back and rolling off the sled.

Even though the funny grandma fails at using the sled, the fun isn’t over. Her husband just decides to push her down the hill! He makes sure to step out of the way so she has room to roll through the snow and down the hill, and the two of them are laughing non-stop at this point.

A Good Laugh For Family Playing In The Snow

The husband goes to help her up when she reaches the bottom of the hill, but she is cracking up so much that all she can do is lay on her back. The laughing is hysterical, and you can hear the husband, wife, and the person behind the camera filming the comical scene all giggling uncontrollably. What a funny sight!

And the woman's laughter is so infectious that she gets everyone on board laughing with her. Now, this family playing in the snow sure knows how to have fun!

"This has got to be one heck of a happy marriage. Anyone who can laugh and make everyone else laugh has been blessed," comments one person on Facebook after watching the video. "Heartwarming to see!"

"I think he's the neatest husband. He's lovingly trying to help his wife enjoy the outdoors," writes another person online."

This video just goes to show you that you are never too old to have fun and play in the snow. And it's also a great reminder of how contagious joy and laughter are! We hope this fun video was able to bring a smile to your face today!

Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Sharon Martin
Originally published on God Updates. Used with permission.

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