Dad Channels His Inner Cashier in Cute Video with Adorable Daughter

Updated Mar 26, 2024
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One father hilariously channeled his inner cashier and wholly committed to the part in a cute video with his adorable little girl.

As all parents know and understand, children are only little for a short time. Blink and you’ll miss their childhood, those precious and fleeting moments. It seems that in no time they are graduating high school, packing up their car and pulling out of your driveway for the last time. 

That’s why anytime your son or daughter wants to play or take part in a silly little game with them, it’s a good idea to drop everything and do it. Those are times when fond, lifelong memories are created. Sadly, though, they don’t come around as often as we’d like, so we must take advantage of those opportunities when they are presented to us.

In a clip posted on TikTok, a father took full advantage of an opportunity to play with his young daughter. Her game of choice was the grocery store. She was the customer purchasing items to take home to her family and her father was the talkative but personable cashier. 

Throughout the sweet and hilarious clip, the dad wears a long, blonde-colored hair piece and uses a very high-pitched voice. Throughout their conversation, the father scans the items and then promptly drops them in the tiny shopping cart nearby. 

At one point during the clip, the young girl swipes her card and then attempts to do it multiple times. Her father, as the informative cashier, informs the small shopper that they “do not double charge here.” 

The whole time as this sweet scene takes place, the woman behind the camera – the young girl’s mother and the cashier’s wife – cannot contain her laughter. She laughs throughout the entire, precious 2-minute clip.

This is a sweet and hilarious moment that mom, dad and their little girl will remember forever!

Proverbs 22:6 “Train up a child in the way he should go, and even when he is old he will not depart from it.”

Photo Courtesy: TikTok @erinclark164
Originally published on GodTube. Used with permission.

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