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Carol Burnett and Tim Conway's Rib-Tickling Phone Call Skit

Updated Apr 18, 2024

Tim Conway and Carol Burnett starred in a hilarious skit about a phone call from The Carol Burnett Show.

There’s not much more annoying than getting a call from a number you don’t recognize and who then does not leave a voicemail. This leads to all kinds of questions. Who was the person on the other end? Was it simply a wrong number? Or was it someone who intended to call you? If they did mean to call you, why didn’t they leave a voicemail stating their reasoning for calling? Who calls instead of texts anyway? 

This is likely a string of questions that have gone through everyone’s mind at one time or another. Errant and unanswered phone calls are one way that shows how the human mind works. The mind can go to some crazy places and come up with some weird thoughts at times. 

A clip posted on YouTube hilariously demonstrates how much damage a call from a wrong number can do, especially for a married couple. In the sketch, Tim and Carol play a married couple who receive a call in the middle of the night from a wrong number. 

As Carol’s mind begins to race and think about the mysterious caller, things go from bad to worse. Carol starts to put together this idea in her mind that the phone call was all part of some elaborate plan cooked up by her beloved husband. 

However, by the end of the clip, Carol’s initial thoughts and feelings about the call in the middle of the night may not be as crazy as everyone thought. Her remedy to the situation proves that she probably already had an inkling as to what was going on.

Carol and Tim once again show why they are comedic legends in this laugh-out-loud skit. They take something as innocent and mundane as a call from the wrong number and turn it into six minutes of hilarity!

Proverbs 17:22 “A merry heart does good like a medicine: but a broken spirit dries the bones.” 

Photo Credit: The Carol Burnett Show Official via YouTube
Originally published by GodTube. Used with permission.

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