Are You and Your Spouse Really a Team?

Ken and Tabatha Claytor

Author/Lead Pastor
Published May 22, 2024

As a team, husbands and wives should aim to bring a level of fun, joy, and lightheartedness into the home.

Both spouses have a responsibility. If we both have a lot on our plates, tensions can rise around the home. But when one of us can provide assurance and encouragement, prophesying over the atmosphere, it keeps the home lighthearted. Maybe one spouse seems to carry the defined role of temperature gauge in your home, or maybe it's shared, depending on who has a heavier workload in particular seasons. It can be very difficult to maintain a level of fun, joy, and lightheartedness in the home when both spouses are running at top speed. It's important in marriage to intentionally grow spiritually, emotionally, and mentally together. But professionally, each couple has to decide what teamwork looks like for them. 

We can't run around the world preaching and teaching simultaneously—who would be at home with the kids? We've just made decisions about reducing travel time for one of us, so the other can run faster at home. 

It's okay to know what you need in different seasons and when life is especially chaotic. 

We are a team. It's not like one of us is going after our dream and the other is going to help. We're going after our dream—absolutely in this season.

The important question is: what do you need to be a healthy family?


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Ken and Tabitha ClaytorKen Claytor is an author, founder of the Alive Leadership Institute, host of the Alive Conference, and sought-after conference speaker. He is also a family man.
Tabatha Claytor is a lead pastor and co-founder of Alive Church, with campuses in Gainesville, FL, and Orlando, FL, and online. She is also the founder of Pio Woman, a ministry that equips and empowers women to pioneer their lives. Married for 24 years, they live in Orlando, Florida, with their 3 children, Hannah, Charity, and Kenny.

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