A Prayer for God to Bring You Through an Exhausting Life Phase | Your Daily Prayer

Keri Eichberger

Author of Win Over Worry
Updated May 10, 2024

“I’m tired of singing the same old ‘tired’ song,” I confessed to my friend Chelsey last week. And she wasn’t the first to hear this tune fall from my frustrated lips. I’ve felt exhausted since I can’t remember when. Did it begin when the twins were born, boosting our family of five to a full house of seven? Or was it when I turned forty, and my body began to ache in all sorts of new places while my hormones whacked out with crazy fresh flips and dips, crashing my energy around right with them? Or, maybe it’s simply the compounding years of overstuffed schedules and overcrowded calendars, causing a slow and steady, wear down of my fragile body, soul, and spirit. All are amounting to bottom-out exhaustion. And with no sign of relief. In my world anyway. Because who am I kidding, I’m not getting any younger, the twins have thirteen plus years left at home. And honestly, the reality is, there will always be something. I know you feel that. 

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Keri Eichberger photoKeri Eichberger is a Jesus-loving Kentucky girl. She is married to her best friend, Mike, and has a full house of five kids. After years of writing for an online audience, Keri became ordained through Southeast Christian Church, giving her life to full-time ministry. She is the author of Win Over Worry: Conquer What Shakes You and Soar With the One Who Overcomes, and has a passion for sharing faith-filled encouragement through devotional writing. Connect with Keri at KeriEichberger.com or Instagram.

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