8 Tips for Disciplining Your Child

Sarah Hamaker

Crosswalk.com Contributing Writer
Published Apr 11, 2023

Why do we correct our children? This is the question to answer before delving into tips for disciplining your kid. If we don’t know why we’re doing it, we’ll get muddled in the execution of the discipline. And if we’re not clear about why, our kids are more likely to be confused and not respond well to our guidance.

Why do we discipline our kids? There are two reasons—to help a child feel bad or uncomfortable about what he did and to be a determent against future wrongdoings. Children sometimes don’t feel bad about misbehaving for various reasons, including an undeveloped conscious and their own selfish nature. Consequences for doing the wrong thing should make kids feel like what they did was wrong. Punishments should also serve as a check for when the child is presented with another opportunity to misbehave—hopefully, the previous discipline will make the kid pause and choose to do the right thing.

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