5 Signs You Are Spiritually Dehydrated

Cortney Whiting

iBelieve Contributor
Updated Jan 24, 2024

Recently, I was at the urgent care for what I thought was just strep throat. I was shocked when the nurse told me I was extremely dehydrated. I did not feel thirsty. However, after two IV bags of fluids, I began feeling like a different person.

I believe that it is possible to become "dehydrated" in our spiritual lives without realizing it. Here are five signs that you may be experiencing spiritual dehydration in your own life. Read more here.

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Cortney Whiting is a wife and mom of two preteens. She received her Master of Theology Degree from Dallas Theological Seminary. After serving in the church for nearly 15 years, Cortney currently teaches at a Christian school and writes for various Christian ministries. You can find her at her blog, https://recapturefaith.com.

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