Bass Singer Performs Haunting Rendition of ‘The Sound of Silence’

Published Jul 14, 2023

A talented singer displayed his unique voice during an outstanding rendition of a Simon and Garfunkel classic.

Art Simon and Paul Garfunkel are responsible for producing several memorable and classic tracks while performing together. “Mrs. Robinson,” "Cecilia,” “The Boxer” and “Bridge Over Troubled Water” are just a few of the songs that immediately come to mind when thinking of the iconic duo.

However, one stands out in the Simon and Garfunkel collection of hit songs: “The Sound of Silence.” In the decades since its release, several artists have covered the well-known hit. A quick YouTube search of “The Sound of Silence” turns up several versions, including ones from Iam Tongi, Pentatonix and America’s Got Talent Tom Ball. But for all the covers of the song, a recent one is probably unlike any you’ve ever heard.

In a video posted on video, Bobby Bass, with his shockingly deep voice, gives a beautiful rendition of the song. 

The clip begins simply enough, with Bobby sitting outside between two trees. Seconds into the video, the familiar tune begins, and soon after that, Bobby starts singing. However, if you’re not prepared for just how deep his voice is, it can be pretty jarring. But despite that likely initial shock, his cover is astounding. 

Bobby doesn’t change up the song. Instead, he uses his unique voice to belt out the classic lyrics about loneliness.

“Hello darkness, my old friend
I’ve come talk with you again
Because a vision softly creeping
Let its seeds while I was sleeping”

On the About section of his YouTube channel, Bobby claims to be a “musician who’s passionate about music and loves to create unique and creative arrangements.” 

He adds that his “bass voice is just one of the many instruments I use to bring my music to life.”

1 Peter 5:7 “Putting are your troubles on him, for he takes care of you.”

Content originally published on Godtube; used with permission.

Photo Courtesy: ©YouTube/Bobby Bass

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