Thanking Those You Don't Usually Think Of

Published Nov 12, 2015
Thanking Those You Don't Usually Think Of
Even in this season of gratitude, there are often people we never remember to thank. They’re ones who impact and influence our lives in ways both big and small.

Even in this season of gratitude, there are often people we never remember to thank. They’re ones who impact and influence our lives in ways both big and small. Let’s make this the year that we reach out to show our appreciation and thanks to them. It doesn’t have to take much, a simple note or a small gift or even just a meaningful conversation can go a long way in showing the people around us that we are glad they’re there.

Thank the people who come to your home-- the ones who deliver your mail, take your trash, bring your newspaper, landscape your yard, do repairs, etc. We can forget to thank them for helping make our lives easier, but a simple thank you note or an offer of a dessert or drink while they’re working can remind them they are seen and valued.

Thank the pastors and volunteers who lead and teach you. Often, ministry is a thankless job. Pastors and church staff pour out endlessly for their congregation, so making sure you express your gratitude for all they do will be refreshing and encouraging to their hearts. Many people volunteer or work behind the scenes to help make events and services possible in the church, so you can even take this a step further and ask leaders to connect you with others you may never have seen giving of their time. What a blessing it would be to encourage the ones nobody ever sees serving!

Thank your barista and your waiter and the person at the drive-thru window. They are often on their feet preparing your food and drinks for many long hours, and a simple “thank you for all that you do” can be a bright spot during their shift.

Thank your children’s teachers and coaches and babysitters. These people love, care for, and help mold your little ones, so let them know how grateful you are for their presence in your family’s lives.

Thank the custodians at your office or the team that cleans your house. I’m sure you appreciate the hard work they do to keep your environments clean and organized, so let them know that. Whether you know them personally or just pass them in the hallway, take a minute to thank them for their hard work that so often goes unappreciated.

Thank the doctors and nurses and healthcare professionals that are working to keep you well. Whether you only see them once a year for a check-up or you visit them often, they deserve to be appreciated and thanked for all of their hard work and care. Many spend long hours taking care of the sick and wounded, sacrificing time with their own families for the sake of others, which is worthy of our appreciation.

Thank the men and women who are protecting your freedoms and keeping you safe. So many men and women who serve in the military, the police force, rescue squads, as firefighters or first responders, and so many other roles are never thanked for the sacrifices they make daily for all of us. Honor them in this season with handwritten notes or letters expressing your gratitude for their selfless service.

This Thanksgiving, let’s bless those around us as we express how grateful we are for all that they do and give to enrich our lives and our communities.

Publication Date: November 12, 2015

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