4 Truths That Remind Us It's Never Too Late to Change

Jessica Kastner

Updated Jan 15, 2024

With every botched career move, failed relationship, and deferred hope, we hear that familiar, accusatory whisper. "It's too late now." Did you go through a killer divorce? Good luck finding someone at 40 with three kids in tow. Didn't get that promotion? Just be happy where you're at. Another loan rejection? Did you really think this time would be different?" Death to that voice. It's never too late to overcome. To think and act differently. To see that dream become reality or overturn 50 years of regret. There are no time constructs or limits in God's Kingdom, so we need to stop believing the lies and focus on His truth. Beginning with the best one. Read more here.

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Jessica Kastner is an award-winning writer and author of Hiding from the Kids in My Prayer ClosetShe leads Bible studies within juvenile detention centers with Straight Ahead Ministries and offers unapologetically real encouragement for women at Jessicakastner.com.

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