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Joy Because He Came Devotional Series Based on Christmas Hymns

Gina Smith

Published Dec 06, 2023
Joy Because He Came Devotional Series Based on Christmas Hymns

Welcome to the 5-day “Joy Because He Came” devotional series! I am HONORED that you have chosen to download this series, and am praying right now that it will be a blessing to you!

This series was planted in my heart a few years ago. My family was visiting a church for their Christmas play. After it was over, we all stood and began singing Christmas hymns. These were the same hymns I had sung my entire life, but the people in this church weren’t just singing! They were WORSHIPING. They sang as loud as they could with their hands raised high in worship to God. They were truly adoring Him. It struck me that I had never really thought of them as worship songs! They were songs that we sang at Christmas time. That was all. That day changed the way I viewed these familiar hymns. God opened my eyes to the fact that celebrating the birth of Jesus was a time of worship. It was the biggest reason we have for worshiping Him — the One who sent His only Son to pay the penalty for our sins.

My prayer is that, as you read through this Joy Because He Came series, you will be moved to worship God during this season and every season. And that you will experience JOY in every circumstance with the knowledge that He came!

O Come Let Us Adore Him — together!

Photo credit: ©Canva; Gina Smith

Photo credit: ©Aaron Burden/Unsplash