Transformation Garden - June 6, 2010


"Find rest, O my soul, in God alone; my expectation comes from Him."
Psalm 62:5, King James Version


"Expectation" - Eager anticipation.

Is there an "expectation" I had in my life?

Did what I "expected" actually happen the way I thought it would?

"All earthly delights are sweeter in expectation than in enjoyment; all spiritual pleasures, more in fruition than in expectation."
Owen Feltham


"No pleasure or success in life quite meets the capacity of our hearts. We take in our good things with enthusiasm, and think ourselves happy and satisfied; but afterward, when the froth and foam have subsided, we discover that the goblet is not more than half-filled with the golden liquid that was poured into it."
Louise Imogen Guiney
Goose-Quill Papers (1885)

Not long ago, I began a project and was advised to get assistance from a company I knew nothing about. When I called for my initial discussion, the individual I spoke with promised so many wonderful things and their conversation promised the most rosy scenario as the end result.

After completion of the project, I wondered why I felt let down in certain areas, as though someone had made promises that couldn't be kept or were never intended to be kept.

Then, like a bolt of lightning, a thought hit me - my disappointment didn't lie so much with what I didn't get … my disappointment was born in the cradle of my expectations. I believe that so much of the discontent in our world today is also based on unmet expectations. This thought sparked a review of times in my life when I believed the final results of a relationship or an event did not equal what I had expected. The conclusion I came to was that when my expectations - what I anticipated would happen - did not match-up with the end result, I felt betrayed and let down. Has this ever happened to you, as well?

Isn't it interesting how our expectations regarding the outcomes of situations can have such a dramatic effect on our entire emotional state-of-being?

What's more, our expectations are directly related to our hopes and dreams; to our plans for the future; and to the result of all our labor and love.

This is why, I want to spend a few days looking at the word "expectation,"  for this is often what drives the vision of hope in our lives. I believe we will find in the coming days that our expectations are usually what's in the driver's seat.

As I was preparing these devotionals, I tried to identify four critical expectations that affect the relationships I have with others. And for the next few days we will focus on these expectations, for believe it or not, our future study on David's life with Bathsheba has a lot to do with unmet expectations. This is why it is important we take a look at how we expect things will be and how people will act.

Here are the ‘Expectations' we will study:

  • Expectation #1 - The person will be who they say they are. The keyword is "Genuine."
  • Expectation #2 - The person will do what they say they will do. The keyword is "Dependable."
  • Expectation #3 - The person will act as they say they will. The keyword is "Consistent."
  • Expectation #4 - The person will care like they say they care. They keyword is "Responsible."

After identifying these four expectations, I asked myself this question: "Have I ever met someone who, at all times, lived up to these expectations?"  My answer is, "Only one." It is my Heavenly Father, your Father, too. So while we look at these expectations, we're also going to find out how God steps in and meets every expectation in our lives when others let us down.

It is my prayer that no matter who in your life has disappointed you or run out on you or left you alone or acted as though they don't care or ended up being a fair-weather friend or a phony or a lover on the run - no matter who has not lived up to even one of your expectations, you will finally find that there is one person who not only meets, but exceeds every expectation in your life. It is also my desire that like the Apostle Paul, you and I will be able to say, "Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly, super abundantly above all that we ask or think, to Him do we give our highest hopes and dreams" (Ephesians 3:20, Amplified Bible). Doesn't this sound like a God who will take my expectations and say, "Now Dorothy, you were dreaming too small. Your hopes weren't big enough. Let ME show you what I can do for you. Let me exceed and surpass every expectation you have ever had?"


"Dear God,

You had better look out!
Because you made a claim.
You said that You could do more than I could dream up or even hope for.
Well, I wonder?
Do you want to see my list?
Do you really want to know what I expect from you?
Since you asked, let me tell you.
I want you to be the genuine article - the hope diamond - solid and pure to the core. No phony need apply.
I want you to be dependable.
Don't leave the front door unlocked or open, waiting for your first chance to bolt if things don't go the way you want. I want to know you'll be there 365 days a year - for every year.
I want you to be consistent.
The same today and tomorrow as yesterday. Think you can handle that?
I want you to be responsible.
To take care of me. For heaven's sake, you take care of birds, even sparrows, will you take me on, too?
I want you to love me.
No don't say you love me or tell me you love me, I want you to "show me Your love." I need to feel it … to embrace it … to drown in it.
This is what I expect.
Do you still claim to be able to exceed, to go above, and all that other super-abundant stuff?
For if you do - then we have a deal. I'm going to open the door and invite you to come in."

Your friend,
Dorothy Valcarcel, Author
When A Woman Meets Jesus

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