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Pearls of Grace - September 25, 2016

Published: Sep 25, 2016

September 25

Pearle from Pasadena

"Take heed to the ministrywhich you have received in the Lord, that you may fulfill it."

Colossians 4:17

Ruth Graham, at Pearle Goode’s funeral, spoke these words in honor of her life:  “here lie the mortal remains of much of the secret of Bill’s ministry”.   Pearle was 90 years old when she went home to be with the Lord.   She was known as, “The little old lady from Pasadena” because yes, she really was from Pasadena!  Pearle was the epitome of what an intercessor should be.  For many years she prayed in secret for Billy Graham and for the ministry God had given him.  Billy Graham heard of Pearle one day and made provision for her to begin attending his crusades so she could pray at each one.  While Reverend Graham preached the gospel, Pearle was off in secret praying until he was finished.   She was God’s chosen vessel through which He would make available His spirit upon Graham’s preaching bringing countless souls into the Kingdom of God

Pearle Goode was not some great missionary, dynamic preacher, or author. She had no awards gracing her shelves of noble accomplishments and most people did not even know her name. This beloved saint was a faithful prayer warrior for Graham for over 56 years; unknown upon the earth but known in Heaven.  She had clout in the portals of Heaven and God answered her when she called.  What Pearle did behind the scenes in the secret chamber of prayer was more important than anything that was done in public before millions.  God had given her the ministry of praying so His man would be equipped with the power of Heaven to speak on God’s behalf and because so, countless souls have been saved.  She sought no glory, no applause, only the throne of God, His presence, His power and His will to be done.   This is the true heart of a servant who understands their God callings. 

It does not matter what others do, what others callings are, it only matters what yours is, beloved.  We should never compare our gifts to that of another but instead choose to pour ourselves out by doing our part; what God has given us to do.  What is your part precious one?  Are you doing your part, as Pearle Goode did, doing it whole heartedly unto the Lord?  What an impact your gift, your ministry and calling are meant to have upon the earth.  If Pearle had not done her part, what kind of ministry would Billy Graham have had?   God links our gifts together like a beautiful body each part helping the other to do what they were designed to do.   If you limit yourself, then you just might be limiting the Billy Grahams of the world!   You are a vital piece of the Master’s puzzle that He is fitting together as only He can do.  How beautifully necessary are the Pearles in the world.  

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Originally published Sunday, 25 September 2016.