Pearls of Grace - December 18

December 18

His Hand Makes the Difference

"…Behold, like the clay in the potter’s hand, so are you in My hand…"

Jeremiah 18:6

Ole Bull, the world’s most noted violinist, was ever wandering and venturing out to experience the world to its fullest. One day while wandering about he got lost in the interminable forests. Unable to find his way out, the sun began to set quickly making his surroundings even more unfamiliar. In the dark of night Ole Bull stumbled upon a small log hut that was the home of an old hermit. The old hermit extended kindness and invited him into his humble home. He warmed him by his fire and fed him supper. After they had finished eating, they continued to warm themselves in front of the blazing fire. As they rested in the warmth the old man picked up his old battered violin and began to painfully strum some screechy tunes for his guest. Ole Bull’s eyes lit up and asked the hermit if he could possibly play something for him on the violin. "I don’t think so, it took me years to learn to play" replied the hermit. Ole Bull implored him saying, "Please let me try it." The hermit obliged and placed the worn instrument into his hands. Ole Bull took the old marred violin and drew the bow across the strings and began to play. The hermit’s home was suddenly filled with the most beautiful music, and according to the story, the old hermit sobbed like a little child.

It does not matter what treasure we have, if it’s not in the right hands its value is never realized. Take an ordinary basketball and put it in the hand of an ordinary man and it’s just a game to play, but take that same basketball and place it in the hand of Michael Jordan and it’s worth millions. A paintbrush in an ordinary hand would be just another art tool, but place it in the hand of Michel Angelo and it becomes a masterpiece. A few fish and some bread is just another meal in our hands, but when placed in the hands of Jesus, it becomes a feast for thousands with baskets left over. A few stones in the hands of an ordinary man are but a nuisance in his field of harvest, but when placed in the hand of a shepherd boy, it becomes a mighty weapon to destroy a giant no one could kill. A staff in the hand of an ordinary man becomes a prop to himself up, but when placed in the hands of the servant of God it can hold back the Red Sea. Dirt in the hand of you or me would be but soil to reckon with, but when placed in the hands of Jesus it becomes sight to a blind man. Place a nail in our hands and it might help hold something together, but driven into the hands of Jesus it becomes salvation for the world.

What gifts, what tools, what talents, what ordinary things has the Lord given to you? Place them at His disposal and watch Him change the world! Clay finds its glory in the hands of the Potter, not in sitting upon the wheel. The beauty of God, precious one, is realized when we acknowledge the power He has to take that which is battered and worn, and yield forth praise fit only for a king. When placed in His hands, the feeble are strong, the fearful become valiant, the broken are made whole, the ruins are rebuilt, the forsaken are embraced, the wounded are healed, the marred are restored, the lost are found, the lame walk, the blind see, the defeated finds victory, the confused know peace, the lowly is exalted, the rebel is redeemed, and the sinner is clothed in righteous robes of splendor. The only hindrance God has is the unyielding heart. The ordinary becomes extraordinary when it yields itself in the hands of God.

In thy hands I am a powerful instrument.

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