Pearls of Grace - August 21

Published: Aug 21, 2022

August 21

Listen To His Heart

"…direct their heart to You"

1 Chronicles 29:18

He was her first-born child, her beloved son who was not a Christian. She watched him, as he lay lifeless in a coma, severe head trauma and bodily injuries. The prognosis was grim, his survival rate low and the longer he lay in the coma the chances of him ever coming out lowered. It had been three long agonizing weeks of watching her son struggle for every breath though aided by machines, his body swollen and badly bruised from the accident he was in. This woman, this mother knew what it meant to be healed and restored by God for He had done that in her life, rescuing her out of a life of drugs and abuse. She had complete faith in her God and she refused to let go of her son because he did not know Jesus and God had promised her He would save her son before he died. Day and night she held strong in the promises of God believing for a miracle.

She never left his side, never, refusing sleep and eating only as others strongly encouraged her to at times. She watched every machine, praying as she saw his vitals sore to numbers that she knew could take his life at any moment. When his heart rate would sore or his breathing become labored she would climb up in the bed and lay her chest on top of his, her head laid to the side drowning out the noise of the machines so she could hear his heart beat and feel every breath. There she would whisper into his ears, "listen to mama’s heart my precious son, listen to my breathing, make your heart beat as one with mine…no need to be afraid, don’t struggle now just follow mama’s heart, breathe when I breathe until we are in perfect sync for my heart will lead you back into the land of the living". Soon his heart rate would begin to slow and his breathing would relax until he was in perfect harmony with the heart that loved him, the heart that gave him life, the heart that would gladly have taken his place without reservation. This heart he could trust… this heart would lead him out of the darkness and back into the light.

This, precious one, is the heart of our Father. When we are afraid, when we are under attack, wayward, confused, lonely, grief stricken, hopeless, dead spiritually, He bends near to us placing His chest next to ours and whispers, "don’t be afraid now, listen to the beating of daddy’s heart, that’s right just listen, let your heart get lost in mine until they beat as one. This is the heart that gave you life; you are mine and I am yours. I will bring you back into the land of the living."

Sometimes we lose our way in the darkness of our difficulties, and in the shadow and despair of our pain and sufferings. We must train our ear to listen for the beating heart of Sovereignty. The heartbeat of God will lead you back. You can trust God’s heart beloved daughter.

I trust Your heart Father.

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For more from Pam Jenkins and Jabbok Ministries, please visit!

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Originally published Sunday, 21 August 2022.