Pearls of Grace - April 30

Published: Apr 30, 2022

April 30

The Demise Of An Unrepentant Heart

"Come, let us return to the LORD. For He has torn us, but He will heal us; He has wounded us, but He will bandage us.

Hosea 6:1

One of sin’s greatest tragedies lies in the power to destroy spiritual perception, dulling our ability to make Godly decisions or act in a fashion becoming Holiness.  Their refusal to repent and their continued suppressing of truth resulted in a conscience that had lost its sensitivity to the “day of judgment”; the warnings of God to His people for the consequences of their sins.  God’s people had removed the words of the prophets far from them.  They dismissed the thought of judgment from their minds all the while piously pretending to long for the coming of the Lord!  This is hypocrisy at its height and the epitome of pretense.  They were trying to fool God with their confessions.  They were brazen and blatant with their sins, giving no regard to Jehovah, to whom they belonged.   

When an individual, a nation or a people group, continue in sin in the midst of God’s warnings, then God must act because He will uphold His Word.   God cannot turn a blind eye to the sins of any people, whether individually or collectively.  We will lose God’s divine presence if sin is left without repentance.   There is no greater essential to one’s life or the prosperity of a nation than the divine presence of God.  When it is absent, there is great calamity and hopelessness and utter despair are imminent. 

Hosea was God’s voice to this reality of truth.  “Come back to God” was the man of God’s message; his life message.  I believe it’s a message most fitting for the hour at hand when there is very little respect for God and His Word.   But, ears become dull of hearing over a period of continued rejection of repentance’ call.  This is one of the many dangers of continued sin,  We lose our spiritual perception, our sensitivity to God’s presence, and the ability to yield to His touch.  But God will settle for nothing less than intimacy with His child.  He is relentless in His pursuit to have His child all to Himself and totally consumed with His glory.

God will not surrender land that has been deemed holy, but He will surrender the unholy from the land.

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Originally published Saturday, 30 April 2022.