We Interrupt This Program… With Prayer - Encouragement Café - October 24, 2014

We Interrupt This Program… With Prayer

Café Menu for Friday, October 24, 2014

Today’s Special is: When All You Need is a Prayer

Carefully prepared just for you by your friend, Dallas Paetzold

Main Ingredient:

Therefore, confess your sins to one another, and pray for one another so that you may be healed. The effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much.

James 5:16-17 NASB


It was midnight in London, and I had just set my phone’s alarm to wake me at 3am. We had spent a great week in London dropping our daughter off to begin a year of graduate school. However, fear had joined me as a stressful traveling buddy and had permeated my entire week.

I tried to battle against the fear, by praying, by listening to music, by trying to talk myself into rational thinking. Nothing seemed to help. I wasn’t necessarily afraid of any particular thing.

In fact, it would have been easier if I could have pinpointed a specific fear. I knew my daughter would be fine. She’s a seasoned and savvy traveler.

In fact, she had recently returned safely from a month in Israel just as the latest round of rocket strikes had begun in that country. So, London seemed an easy and safe place for her next adventure. I was just afraid… about everything!

“A long flight home, and a short night’s sleep,” I thought as I lay my phone beside the bed, once again feeling the fear creep into my thoughts. My phone instantly chimed, alerting me to an incoming text.

An old friend I hadn’t heard from in a couple of years texted me, “This is so random, but heavy on my heart. In light of terrifying events in the Middle East, I am so thankful your daughter is home. I’ve thought of her being kidnapped or even worse. I know the One who is in control, but it’s all still scary. I’m so thankful she’s home.”

“Holy Cow! What’s that supposed to mean?” I thought. “My daughter is NOT home. I’m about to leave her in another foreign country!” I sent a quick text back explaining the situation and my underlying fear.

My friend texted back that she was going to set an hourly alarm to pray for us until we were safely back home the following day. I instantly felt a peace. The fear was gone. It was at that moment that I realized I had not asked anyone to specifically pray for me or for our family while we were traveling. I was operating without prayer cover.

However, my friend was obedient to the nudging of the Holy Spirit. She sent a simple text, perfectly timed, that led to a sacrifice of prayer solely for my behalf. Both of these acts encouraged me that God is real, He cares about us, and our intercessory prayers to Him are powerful and effective.

Take Out:

Interrupt your day today by praying for a friend. Better yet, ask a friend to pray for you. We all need prayer, and we also benefit by praying for others.


Dear Lord Jesus, we thank You that You are ultimately in control of all things. We are humbled that You ask us into Your presence through prayer. We thank You for the comfort and healing You offer to us through our prayers. Remind us not to be too proud to ask others to pray for us. Amen.

For more encouragement, visit Dallas Paetzold at FeastsOfFaith.comwhere you can learn more about the Feasts of Israel through her book,Feasts of Faith: Finding Jesus in the Jewish Feasts.

© 2014 by Dallas P. Paetzold. All rights reserved.

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Originally published Friday, 24 October 2014.