Nana's Blue Bowl - Daughters of Promise - October 22


My heart stands in awe of Your words. I rejoice at Your Word as one who finds a great treasure. Psalm 119:161-162

Twenty years ago (and doesn’t time fly), I dropped by Pier One on the day of their best clearance sale. I was going to shop for a very large salad bowl so I went straight to the dinnerware section. In front of me was a beautiful blue and white bowl. It was 75% off and a real steal. I was thrilled and made my purchase. This many years later, I still love it. Ron reminded me the other night that the bowl has quite a history and that got me thinking.

I’ve used it to serve a main dish kind of salad when I’ve fed a lot of people at our table. A salad for ten people is no problem.   The rest of the time, the bowl has graced the middle of our kitchen table, or has sat on the counter, or has been placed in the middle of our stove with lights overhead shining down on it. It’s always the focal point. What’s in it? Bananas, raisins, good chocolate, nuts, licorice, trail mix, apples and pears. It’s usually stocked fairly well and the contents are constantly switched up. Now, here’s the fun part. Our whole family heads straight for the bowl whenever they walk in the house. Adult or child, it’s calling their name. There’s a quick, ‘hello’, and then someone makes a beeline for the bowl.

When our grandsons were smaller, they would run to the counter and hold out their arms to us to be lifted up. They’d paw through the bowl to find what they wanted. Just say the words ‘blue bowl’ in our house and everyone feels happy.

While this feeds the flesh and pleases the senses, it is not unlike what happens to my spiritual senses when I approach the scriptures on a good day. When my spiritual hunger is engaged and my need is on my sleeve, I can’t wait to mine for gold. I never know what I’m going to find either. I have to keep digging until I’m given just the right ‘word’ for the day. God keeps His word stocked – full of surprises – and loves it when I love it.

I know it’s just a foretaste of the ‘pleasures forevermore’ that will be waiting for me when I step foot into my eternal home. Exhaling earth’s air and inhaling celestial air marks the moment when my appetite is completely satiated.

Feed me. Satisfy my cravings. Delight me. In You are pleasures forevermore. Amen

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Originally published Tuesday, 22 October 2019.