What to Do When Your Spouse Rejects You

What to Do When Your Spouse Rejects You

“I wanted to die,” my friend said as she dabbed tears. “I never expected he’d cheat on me. I never, ever saw it coming. I asked him if he still loved me,” she said in the midst of sobs, “and he said he stopped loving me a long time ago.”

Her anguish is one that rips millions of hearts today. Rejection sears, crumbles our world, leaves us stunned and shakes our security.

When we give it our all, expect acceptance and appreciation, but get rejection instead, the pain sears, reaching the depths of our soul. And when we try to make sense of it all, rather than peace, self-blame adds to the heartache.

But there is an answer. My friend’s plight didn’t end in disaster. She took the steps necessary and made room for God to do His mighty work of restoration.

Whether the rejection is from a spouse or anyone else we trusted, we can follow these seven steps:

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1. Reject the Enemy’s Attacks.

The fury and indignation was directed to her husband. She so wanted to change him, make him see his wrong ways, stir guilt in him so he would see God’s disapproval.

She was convinced that God’s plans were good plans. His will was to have a healthy marriage, thriving with love and understanding. Thus, if those were God’s plans. It was the enemy who was stealing that from them. He was the one who was killing their trust and was determined to destroy their relationship.

Her prayers changed from, “Lord, why us?” To “In the name of Jesus, I declare God’s victory over the enemy’s attack on my confidence, my security and my marriage.”

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” John 10:10

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