How to Effectively Pray through Scripture

How to Effectively Pray through Scripture

Last March, a near stranger introduced me to a new way of praying that has radically changed my life.

I “happened” (there are no coincidences when you’re a believer, Friend!) to sit down next to a woman I barely knew at a local writer’s conference reception. After the rest of the table had long since cleared away, she and I continued to talk about life, love, and faith. And there among the remnants of sausage balls, veggie sticks and cheese dip, I found myself spilling my heart out about a personal prayer request for someone dear to me.

She immediately asked me how I was praying for this person. My response was honest, yet unfortunately, vague. “I’m asking God to help them. Change them. Move in them. Guide them. You know, the usual.” (Sound familiar?)

She frowned. “No, I mean, what are you praying for them? What Scripture?”

I just stared at her, probably with broccoli in my teeth.

The Importance of Praying Scripture

Pray Scripture. It was a totally foreign concept to me, which was a little embarrassing seeing how I grew up in the church.

Her explanation of the importance of praying Scripture made so much sense, and continues to shape my prayer life today.

How many times have we as believers desperately wanted to pray God’s will, but didn’t know what it was? She pointed out to me that one thing is certain—God’s Word is His will. We can confidently pray Scripture and expect for our prayers to be answered.

This isn’t manipulation; it’s faith in action. It’s not a magic potion or a genie-in-a-bottle rub—it’s utilizing God’s Word for what it is.