Bridging the Gap: 5 Ways to Connect Generations of Women in Your Church

Bridging the Gap: 5 Ways to Connect Generations of Women in Your Church

When I think of crossing generational boundary lines in the church, so much of what I have learned stems from what I saw modeled by my husband’s grandparents. From the day I married my husband at 21-years-old, I noticed something different about them. They were fun and spunky, but there was something more than that - they were intentional about connecting to their grandchildren. 

Living thousands of miles away from us, his grandmother would send cards discussing their day out on the golf course and the local basketball team’s success at the state tournament. I saw so much more than casual dialogue in her letters, I saw her intentionally connecting at our level, discussing topics she thought we might truly be interested in.

Likewise, once a month or so these same grandparents would call my husband’s brother, who lived nearer to them, and say “We’re going to be in town in a few days. Can we bring by pizza?”

This was a novelty to me. While I had grandparents who loved me well, as I got older our relationship was more distant, it became harder to connect and find common ground. 

My husband’s grandparents seemed to be skilled in this. Loving their grandkids right where they were, intentionally engaging and finding the point of connection seemed natural for them. It was as if they had an intentional mindset for not just showing up, doing their grandparental duties, but instead, meeting their grandkids right where they were and engaging them at their season of life. Whether this came naturally for them or not, I’ll never know, but their lasting connection with so many grandchildren caught my attention. 

Here are 5 ways we can be intentional as women in connecting generational boundary lines in the church.

1. Mindset Shift

Casting a vision that breeds connection involves helping women understand the value of meeting each other right where they are. If we focus on our vast differences this can seem incredibly challenging, but asking questions is a great place to start. When we engage each other and learn about each other’s lives - the struggle and adventures of our current season - we open the doors for connection.