8 Ways Your Husband is Silently Showing He Loves You

8 Ways Your Husband is Silently Showing He Loves You

The Bible tells us that marriage between a husband and wife is a picture of Christ’s relationship to His bride, the Church (Eph. 5:22-32).

Our husbands are fallible. They won’t live up to all of these qualities perfectly — nor should we expect them to do so. Yet if you have a spouse who shows love in one or more of the ways listed below, make a point to tell him that you noticed — and thank him for his Christ-like example. 

Just because he doesn't come home with flowers doesn't mean he doesn't care. Here are 8 ways your husband is showing you just how much he love you.

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1. He Serves

A couple of years ago, my husband worked second shift on Valentine’s Day. The time that he was supposed to be home came and went. I got worried. Why wasn’t he home? I called him to make sure he was okay.

“I’m fine,” he said from the other end of the line. “I’m at Walmart buying toilet paper like you asked me to.”

I had completely forgotten.        

After a long night’s work, when he would’ve rather been at home, he was wandering the toilet paper aisle. To serve his family. Because sometimes love looks a lot like toilet paper.