8 Things Your Son Needs in His Battle for Purity

8 Things Your Son Needs in His Battle for Purity

Pornography. Hormones. Peer pressure. These things make the mama-bear within me roar. Do I wrap my son in bubble wrap and never let him out of the house? Do I build high walls around him and keep the world out? Do I protect him or prepare him?

The fear-driven response is to surround our sons with walls of “thou shalt nots.” Yet, we shouldn’t set boundaries out of fear. We present the wrong view of sex by pursuing the fear-driven response. This sets up our sons for failure. There is another way, though.

Another option is the God-driven response, which sets our sons up for success. They need God’s truth to navigate the minefields on their journey into manhood. The God-given response guides them, provides grace and mercy when they fall, and models a life of purity.

Here 8 tools we can give our sons: 

1. Point Him to Jesus

Remind him that God is his ultimate source of strength. Our sons’ primary goal is to honor God with his body, soul, and spirit. Remind him that no temptation has seized him except what is common to man. Emphasize that God will provide an escape hatch and that he needs to look away from the temptation to find it. Pray for your son. Pray with your son.