7 Ways to Build Up Your Husband

7 Ways to Build Up Your Husband

Marriage is a God-ordained institution and a living representation of Christ’s love for His Church. So it isn’t rocket science that the enemy would abhor and attack the sanctity of marriage.

And it should come as no surprise that this same enemy would use daily distraction and petty disagreement to create a culture within the home that puts a wife at odds with the one she loves most.

He’d like nothing more than for our husbands to feel disrespected, discarded, and even demeaned by us—the very ones who vowed to love, honor, cherish them. That’s because he knows that if husbands feel valued and respected by their wives, they’ll thrive in their position as head of the marriage. And when that happens, the marriage thrives!

You can stand firm against the enemy’s threats to your marriage by asking God to:

· Help you show your husband respect in your words and actions
· Guard his heart and mind from temptation
· Surround your marriage with a hedge of protection from the enemy

In addition to prayer, here are 7 practical ways you can build up your husband, both spiritually and emotionally, and fortify your marriage. 

1. Let Him Lead

As the head of the home, it’s your husband’s right and responsibility to lead. Encourage him to seek God’s wisdom and then stand by him, respecting his decisions. This encourages him in his walk with God and also shows your husband you believe he’s able to make choices that are best for your family.

Display your trust in your husband by letting him take the lead in decision making and then supporting his decision.

Father, thank You for giving me my husband to be the head of our home. Please help him to seek You in all matters. Sometimes it’s so hard for me to let him lead. I ask that You would help me trust that You are guiding him. Help me find ways to let him know I respect his decisions.